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"If you want to play with the big dogs don't pee like a puppy"


It's not that we don't like cats . . . it's just that we LOVE dogs ! All dogs. Mom's cute little yappy dog that she feeds ice cream directly out of the carton with a spoon . . . the pit bull my first girl friend had that would tear out your jugular if she said "BITE" (needless to say they walked down many a dark alley with no fear) . . . my Shar-pei that everyone says "WHAT A BEEEUUTY". We LOVE Dogs !

While we met with all sorts of roadblocks in keeping the retail dream alive . . . and expanding our endeavors to include a do it yourself dog spa . . . we will continue to seek alternative financing to make the dream a reality. Meanwhile, Facebook will strive to provide links to answers that make your dog's life joyous.

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