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Now at Grow Washington Everett

on Colby between Wall and Pacific

featuring unique items for Dogs of Distinction

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"If you want to play with the big dogs don't pee like a puppy"


It's not that we don't like cats . . . it's just that we LOVE dogs ! All dogs. Mom's cute little yappy dog that she feeds ice cream directly out of the carton with a spoon . . . the pit bull my first girl friend had that would tear out your jugular if she said "BITE" (needless to say they walked down many a dark alley with no fear) . . . my Shar-pei that everyone says "WHAT A BEEEUUTY". We LOVE Dogs !

At the Grow Washington store we offer a sampling of one of a kind, unique, handcraftre, and upcycled items. But we also sell so much more via our online store. Click on the link to the left to see everything that we can provideto dogs, dog owners, and friends of dog owners.

At our heart is sustainability. Sustiaining local artisans, producing locally, purchasing locally and selling locally. We also strive to become a resource center for dog owners. A place where you can come to find help in finding solutions to providing your most special family member(s) with answers that make your dog's life joyous.

We exist ONLINE !
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E-MAIL US AT: no_cats_allowed@me.com